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By Graham Bird

posted Mar 1, 2011, 8:20 PM by Allie BioBlitz

Bioblitz material has given up three completely new species, and three described but as-yet unpublished species!

The two new genera (in families Leptocheliidae and ‘Colletteidae?’) are new records for the taxa in the in-press paper, along with Araphura n.sp. The Zeuxoides rimuwhero was described in my 2008 paper, and the Zeuxoides n.sp. is completely new and a BioBLitz find. Incredibly, I found another two new taxa in a sample from Onehunga Bay that I sorted through last night – a new Paratanais species and a tiny new nototanaid – possibly a new Nototanais species.
In a country like NZ there are many species of around 5mm which have yet to be studied and so it is not surprising that we often discover new species of these small creatures.