Other BioBlitzs




A BioBlitz is educational and lots of fun!
It is a scientific survey to find as many different plants and animals as possible within a
specific timeframe and specific area.
Normally a BioBlitz is held over a 24 hour period. However, when surveying species
on the high plateaus more time is needed to allow for weather uncertainties.


The Denniston BioBliz will survey species found within the area outlined here on the
Denniston Plateau area over the weekend of 2 - 4 March 2012.


The key objective of the BioBlitz is to increase public awareness and appreciation of the vast array of different species (biodiversity) on the Denniston Plateau area and to popularise the

work of scientists who study and conserve wildlife in New Zealand.

The BioBlitz will bring together:

                ·      Non-government agencies,

                ·        Research institutions,

                ·        Schools, colleges & universities

                ·        Community groups and the public

We will all share the wonderful experience of exploring life in our fantastic neighbourhood.



The BioBlitz will:

·        Generate a list of all species found in the area

·        Reveal new or unique species

·         Improve our appreciation of the range of plants and animals in

      our neighbourhood

·         Help us effectively manage our environment and protect species

       at risk

·         Advance our scientific knowledge

·         Strengthen community spirit and build relationships