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"At the Taputeranga marine reserve BioBlitz our divers took the research project personally and were very enthusiastic.
They became far more micro focused
in looking for smaller things as well big



Most dive shops and clubs in the Wellington region are involved with the Mana BioBlitz, including:
Best underwater photo also wins 10 free airfills courtesy of Dive Kapiti
To take part in a survey dive, you can either contact your local dive club/shop and arrange a trip to the survey area or you can come on
one of our organised survey trips.   

The BioBlitz survey area is on the doorstep of NZ Sea Adventures in Mana.

Tony Howell will let you know which areas are waiting to be surveyed and when the boat trips will run

Email Tony at to find out more.


There are two particularly interesting areas within the BioBlitz boundaries

    If you are a Research or Scientific diver you are welcome to organise your own dives or you can join one of our scheduled dive expeditions during the month.
    Please note that we will also be coordinating night dives - timings to depend on weather.
    If you are a diver, but are not associated with any dive clubs or shops, please email us
    outlining your level of expertise and interest and we can help you to find a buddy and take part
    Download tide times from LINZ.
    Add on 15 mins for the tide at Titahi Bay - and don't forget the extra hour for summertime too.
    If you missed the dive briefing on 5 February, please pop along to the BioBlitz Base Camp before you dive to get advice on survey dives.
    More information:
    • BioBlitz diver presentation - click here

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