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Species Identified
The counting starts at
6pm on
Friday 2 March 2012



Join us from 2 - 4 March 2012



The Denniston Plateau is part of a unique environment

within the New Zealand landscape. 


Altitude combined with sandstone pavements and varied

weather conditions have created a combination of plants

and animals that is unlike anywhere else in New Zealand.

It evolved from sandstones Casumo coupon codes formed over coal measures

around 40 – 60 million years ago.

Geological movement raised this plateau to 600 metres

above sea Hello Casino coupon codes 2019 level, this infertile environment has

given rise to nearly 20 different ecosystems.


These support many species endemic to the area,

like the giant land snail, Powelliphanta patrickensis,

ancient perpatus and sundews - a tiny carniverous plant.


Led by experts in botany, invertebrates, ornithology and more,

the Denniston Bioblitz is a chance to discover rare and hidden

creatures and plants, like ancient peripatus and tiny caniverous sundews! 


New species are constantly being uncovered,

and its your chance to be part of that frontier.


Thanks to Interislander Ferries the Wellington team are

keen particpants.

For a map of the survey area -click here